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How about a platform that lets you really focus on your customers? Your coaching customers expect more from you than traditional 1-hour meetings over the phone or in person. How about giving them the opportunity to text, call or video call you when they have a quick question or simply feel they need your advice, and being paid for it, every time? At Tfonia, every single interaction such as text message, Voice or Video Call can be billed. Your customers are happier, and you earn more revenue.
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Mental Health Professionnals Wanted in 2020

Be a part of the upcoming Hushley Platform in 2020! - We are currently looking for Mental Health professionals to help us launch a new service aimed at expanding access to Mental Health Services. We have the technology. We need your expertise. See the Hushley page for further details.

Who we are

Founded in 2002, TFonia has been in the telephony and mobile communications business for over a decade as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services provider. The company grew significantly as mobile services and technologies advanced, focusing on the provision of SMS and IP telephony services. Back then, premium communication was only possible using disparate software mechanisms and apps such as carrier-billed SMS Chat using Short Codes, voice IVR on Premium Rate Numbers or desktop based communications.

By 2009, recognizing that Smartphone use was becoming mainstream, we started to design and experiment with tools that would make optimal use of smartphone functionality and user behavior. Our goal was to provide users with a more exciting and personal experience than anything that was available, combining a wider array of communication channels, delivered via a single platform based on a premium service model.


Constant Innovation. Our driving force is the new and exciting technologies and possibilities that our developers create. We know that creating better ways to communicate, entertain and inform requires constant effort and attention, so we work hard to maintain those creative juices to provide our users with new experiences.

Customer Retention and Satisfaction. We understand that to retain our user base, we have to offer them the service, support and products that they demand. We go beyond these requirements by providing live personal service through customer support, while offering the best products and functionality to those users.

Privacy & Security. We adhere to the usual accepted rules of privacy, maintaining complete privacy of customer data at all times. We never share or use our customer data in any way that they are not aware of, unless to conform to a legally binding request by authorities.

Strict Adherence to All Regulations. Our platform is intended for anyone to use and enjoy. However, regions and countries often have different regulations regarding mobile telecommunications and its content, advertising, billing etc... We do abide by these regulations no matter whom they affect, or where they are.

What we do

Our Tfonia billing platform combines mobile apps, SMS, voice, streaming and live video chat to provide the most amazing experiences to your customers. This unique premium chat platform is monetized through a proprietary electronic wallet with flexible pricing adaptable to any vertical and market/country. A rapidly growing userbase of more than 500,000 people use our technology through one of our brands.

TFonia’s technologies are 100% proprietary and not acquired or licensed from others. This independence gives us the freedom to be wildly creative and completely self-reliant in our development efforts. It also ensures we can provide better support for our users.

TFonia monetizes all mobile communication channels so you can focus on your customers


Other premium rate communication technologies do not provide a unified interface and billing for multi-format/multi-channel communications. Popular mobile services and apps are great but do not support monetization as premium rate services. Our platform lets users communicate using a chat app, text, voice chat, video chat, and file exchange too, but in our case, each interaction can be monetized. There are simply no other companies out there offering such a comprehensive suite of communications options and functions, integrating all their communications functionality into a single platform.


Apart from unique technology, what else differentiates us from other mobile apps and services? Content. Not only do we build communication tools but also provide Coaches and Advisors with customer leads. This adds up to a rich user experience for everyone. With integrated services providing communications through any channel or format the user wants and convenient billing for usage, TFonia makes mobile socializing fun and easy by providing comprehensive opportunities to communicate and be informed every step of the way.

Apply as a Coach / Advisor

Want to make a positive change in your career at the forefront of mobile software development and communications technologies? Tfonia is looking for well-qualified and imaginative people to join our expanding team. Check out the opportunities below and see if we have a position for you:

Tfonia offers its employees a competitive compensation plan. Contact us at for details.

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